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Wind River Mercentile is here to provide you with the finest quality fresh, natural, organic and whole foods, nutritional products, and health information in a fun comfortable clean, safe environment. Make this site your doorway to total health—twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week all year long!

Take advantage of our case order discounts, to place an order call 307-856-0862.

We are located in Riverton, Wyoming, has been in service since 1983. We offer a variety of health related items including a broad variety of vitamins and herbs, organic produce, a gluten free food section, and natural body care products.

We offer a large line of vitamins and herbs. We also honor mail orders for your convenience.

Meet Our Staff
Our Fearless Leader-
Linda-- Owner and Operator of the Wind River Mercantile, Linda always seems to be gone, but she’s here... really... somewhere. A California native, she opened the store originally because after moving to Riverton in 1980 she was unable to get the healthy foods she was accustomed to, like brown rice and raw sunflower seeds. Things started very small but thanks to her loyal customers Linda’s shop grew, and continues to grow. Linda is a Reiki master and teaches classes for all levels of students regularly.
Omnipresent Man Servant
Daniel-- Daniel joined the Wind River crew in 1999. He is our resident artist, maintenance man, sprout and wheat grass farmer, alchemist, Jungian dream interpreter, pirate, and horse whisperer. He describes himself as a well groomed mountain man. Does this creator of the secret garden (located conveniently at the back entrance of the shop) sound a bit like a Wyoming aborigine? Yep.
Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better...
Tracy-- Tracy knows lots of stuff about health and wellness. She ought to as she has been working at the Wind River Mercantile since dinosaurs roamed the earth... or something like that. Really it’s more like twenty years but she won’t be specific so she gets the dinosaur thing. Basically she can tell you where just about anything is in the shop. Tracy is a lacto- ovo-vegetarian and has been for thirty years, so she has tons of great recipes. Tracy loves the outdoors and playing in the dirt.
Charming and Cheerfull
Marry Ann-- 

Dedicated to health and happiness, Marry Ann has worked at the Wind River Merc for eight years. She loves hiking and other outdoor activities. When not in recreating in the wilds of Wyoming or gardening like there is no tomorrow, she can be found babying her herd of Herford and Angus cows.

Super Woman could take lessons
Jeanne-- On the job for fifteen years, Jeanne is a technical specialist who can and does do just about anything you can imagine. If it involves, tools, ladders, paint, hardware, saws, or hammers she is on the case. Jeanne enjoys knitting, crochet, painting, ceramics, and working in her garden. 
Young Blood

While this full time mom has only been working at the Wind River Merc for a year, she has become quite well versed in health and wellness. She has developed an enthusiasm for flower essences and says she is learning more every day. When not on the job Kaylee enjoys dance and native culture.

Morning Star
Cynthia-- Cynthia is a gifted medical intuitive who has been certified in several renowned systems of energetic healing. She is a catalyst for others, posing an extensive knowledge of metaphysical precepts which have proven to be both inspiring and informative. Having the ability to go beyond the physical and address issues at the soul level, Cynthia cuts through illusions, sheds light on the situations, and offers suggestions that bring back a sense of balance.
The “Willow-ry” Answer-Lady
Annalaiya -- Annalaiya has been a chiropractor since 1982. As a chiropractor she specialized in nutrition. Additionally she really cares about the emotional causation of body dis-ease and joint dysfunction. At Wind River Mercantile she draws on her background to serve an array of customer needs. Don’t be surprised if she asks to look at your eyes because she does iridology to assist in revealing basic body requirements. She won’t let us take her picture so she is a stick-ninja.
Web Minion

Well versed in world culture and cuisine, website designer Nicole is an internationalist who has traveled widely (15 countries in eight years) and lived in London England. She is an activist involved with Amnesty International and The Free Tibet Campaign. Nicole is intrigued by alterative culture, art, and literature. A dedicated insomniac, She writes, paints, draws, sculpts, drinks tea, and studies... everything... yeah... everything.

Help Wanted
Sales Clerk - Part Time
Applicant must be knowledgeable and familiar with computers. Must enjoy working with people in a friendly retail environment. Must be willing and able to learn about nutritional products. Hours and days vary. Salary will be based on starting skills.
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